Review Policy

Submission Requirements:
  • The article should only be written in English.
  • The article must be unique and should not have been submitted elsewhere prior to submission to Publication.
  • The article should satisfy the scientific merits, which include the work's correctness and accuracy, as well as clarity in the explanation of novel ideas.
  • The overall similarity index is expected to be less than 15%, with a single source similarity index of less than 5%.
  • The manuscript is organised as follows: Abstract, Introduction, Literature Review, Methodology, Discussion, and Conclusion.
  • The scope of the conference should be reflected in the article. Please see call for papers for more information.
Reviewer Policy

Submissions to the ICEAMST conference are subjected to a double blind review process by three qualified and experienced reviewers.

A plagiarism detection tool will be used to check all submissions for plagiarism.

Only plagiarism-free manuscripts will be considered for review.

Reviewers make an important contribution to the accept/reject decision based on the article's technical, quality, and presentation metrics.

Reviewing Criteria:
  • Relevance to conference
  • Plagiarism Level
  • Clarity & quality in Technical English
  • Innovative Ideas
  • Research Insights
  • Structure of the work
  • Potential Values
  • Proper Citation
  • Paper Length
Plagiarism Policy

The plagiarism in the manuscript is solely the responsibility of the authors.

Plagiarism is classified into five levels:
Level 1 Plagiarism:

The author copied the full manuscript (100%).

The author copied half the portion(50%) from the same article.

The author copied half the portion(50%) from various articles.

Level 2 Plagiarism:

The author copied the portion(20-50%) of the same article.

The author copied the portion(20-50%) from various articles.
Level 3 Plagiarism:

The author copied the portion(20%) from the results/illustration/tables without proper citation.

Level 4 Plagiarism:

The author paraphrased the pages/paragraphs from the other articles without proper citation.

Level 5 Plagiarism:

The author copied the major portion of the other articles without citing them.

Plagiarism at this level has serious legal and ethical consequences. Authors should avoid these levels of plagiarism when submitting their work to the ICEAMST Conference.