2nd International Conference on
Emerging Applications of Material Science and Technology

2-3, June 2022

ICEAMST 2020 Publication
Gnanamani College of Technology
Namakkal, India
Paper Submission Due
5 March, 2022
Acceptance Notification
3 April, 2022
Last Date of Registration
5 May, 2022
Conference Date
2-3, June 2022


From past decades, Electronic materials have attracted significant research attention due to their unprecedented advantages of both structural and flexibility in multi-level system integration. Recently, the electronic materials like opto/micro/nano electronics, flexible electronics, and sustainable electronics plays ubiquitous role in many real-time applications ranging from healthcare, industries to domestic applications. Due to the emerging multi-functional, reliability, and scalability properties, the electronic materials provides unprecedented research opportunities to the electronic material science researchers. Therefore, a strong research activity has been required for the deep understanding of the emerging next-generation electronic materials. This International Conference on Emerging Applications of Material Science and Technology [ICEAMST 2022] is focused on the basic properties and advanced processing of electronic materials and their applications in electronic, electromechanical, optical, and nano devices, components, and systems. ICEAMST 2022 remains as an interdisciplinary forum for novel and high-quality research in the fields of materials science and the engineering of electronic materials. The advanced materials are revolutionizing the way we live at an unprecedented rate. In recent years, the innovative applications of material science and technology brings together all the researchers ad academicians to share and exchange their recent experimental and theoretical studies on the research related to material science, chemistry and physics. As the materials are emerging as an interdisciplinary field of science to integrate the nature and man- made materials together, this International Conference on Emerging Applications of Material Science and Technology [ICEAMST 2022] organized on 2-3, June 2022 at Gnanamani College of Technology, Namakkal, India provides a forum to share the front-line discoveries and results in all the areas of chemical, ionic, magnetic, optical, electronic, solid state, thin film materials and so on. The primary scope of this conference is to enlist the lucrative material outcomes that delivers a new perception in the field of material science and technology. ICEAMST 2022 furnishes an awesome chance to coordinate and explore various emerging applications of material science and technology.



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