2nd International Conference on
Emerging Applications of Material Science and Technology

Theme: Environmental Applications of Material Science and Technology

30-31, August 2022

ICEAMST 2020 Publication
Gnanamani College of Technology
Namakkal, India
Paper Submission Due
18 May, 2022
Notification of Acceptance
22 June, 2022
Last Date of Registration
25 July, 2022
Conference Dates
30-31, August 2022


With rapid population growth and industrialization, as well as rapid economic development and growing preference, the use of sustainable materials has become critical in terms of preserving the environment for future generations. In order to protect the natural world, the demand for the production and application of sustainable materials to combat environmental pollutants is rapidly increasing. The development of sustainable materials has the potential to significantly change the environment. The advanced sustainable materials are safe and effective, and they can be managed in a variety of ways to reduce waste without compromising the quality and assisting in creating a better environment. Many research activities based on various science streams are required to broaden the range of novel sustainable materials in science and technology. Nevertheless, the research into sustainable materials for environmental applications would pave the way for a cleaner environment. This International Conference on Emerging Applications of Material Science and Technology [ICEAMST 2022] primarily focuses on the use of sustainable materials in the sensing, monitoring, and remediation of toxic materials, both organic and inorganic. This ICEAMST 2022 will cover the use of industrial materials, including chemicals and metals, as well as nonmetallic minerals, wood, fuels, and agricultural materials, in the search for more sustainable materials because these materials can cause significant environmental damage while also contributing to our economy's wealth. The main focus of this conference is to incorporate novel design and synthesis of new energy and environmental materials, advanced characterization and innovative applications of energy and environmental materials and it also focuses on discussing about the simulation and modeling of related materials



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